Never dream about success; experience the journey of entrepreneurship

When you have faith in your idea, you don't need others to believe in you

The way team plays determines the startups success

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

Believe you can & halfway you are there

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a job

Perform like you have never failed


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CAN was founded and commenced its operations in January 2015.

CAN is a new Angel Network, an initiative by Anoop Mathur. It’s two chapters – Mumbai & Delhi are focused on Technology & Technology enabled deals. CAN’s mission is to accelerate seed stage start-ups through fundraising support and customer discovery.




2.5 Cr Oversubscribed



Entrepreneur’s passionate desire to succeed is not enough to achieve success; it needs to be coupled with capital. Spending too much or raising very little capital both can end up with running out of money & lead to premature death of an idea.