President Message

"We believe that as long as we are investing in start-ups, let's think BIG for all opportunities"

Our goal is to be the first prime source of funding for Technology Entrepreneurs at the “Seed Stage”. Today, angel investments itself have become a more formalized process – complete with more rigorous due diligence. We want to activate tech start-ups within the enterprise buyer’s community.

Anoop Mathur

At CAN, we work along with CIO Angels through a simple but detailed evaluation for engagement with start-ups to ensure that the proposed technology is scalable for creating exponential returns on investments. At CAN we facilitate Founders, Thinkers & Innovators — step-by-step, activity-by-activity — while utilizing different business expertise options, to create and develop growth focused ventures.

Finally CAN’s mission is to create wealth for its investor members by leveraging cumulative network multiplier effect.

"Until we enjoy an Exit, we angel investors are just Donors"

Entrepreneur’s passionate desire to succeed is not enough to achieve success; it needs to be coupled with capital. Spending too much or raising very little capital both can end up with running out of money & lead to premature death of an idea.

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