"Invest In People not Markets"

Imagine access to the greatest goldmine of technology professionals designed to give the entrepreneur the tools and relationships needed to accomplish their goals. We believe one of the primary success factors for entrepreneurs is getting access to high quality angel investors. It is our goal to offer this specialized knowledge to every invested portfolio company covering every skill set that can be imagined, by our extensive network of CXO connects.

As an early stage technology company, founders are tirelessly working to turn their dream and vision into a high growth business. But they need to understand that they can’t do it alone. Whether they need feedback on the business idea, help in connecting with the right clients or suppliers, or just want to better understand the current investment environment, being a portfolio company of CAN will help them achieve it.

Strong idea velocity can be gained in many forms, and involve many different techniques and approaches. At CAN member investors teach entrepreneurs to understand the language of scale & growth, how to acquire it and how to make it work to build an accelerated start-up.

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Entrepreneur’s passionate desire to succeed is not enough to achieve success; it needs to be coupled with capital. Spending too much or raising very little capital both can end up with running out of money & lead to premature death of an idea.

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